October 2020. Call for current office hours. Pick up can be arranged after hours.

Grass Girl can offer personalized lawn advice, step-by-step instructions, and supply of seed, fertilizer and topdressing. Contact Lia for more information at 905-263-2213 or lia@allgreensod.ca


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Grass seed and fertilizer available.

*No longer harvesting and selling sod*

10-10-10 fertilizer $23.45 per 25kg bag or $8.00 per 5kg. 

5-15-20 with 2% magnesium $32.75 or $10.00 per 5kg.  

6-3-12 with 2% magnesium $25.50. 

15-15-15 $25.50 per 25kg.

Campus Green Grass Seed  1kg $9.75  2kg $17.70   5kg $38.50
10kg $61.95    25kg $150.44

Ultra Shade 1kg $10.00

100% Kentucky Bluegrass Seed  1kg $16.50

*Price plus HST

Pick up locations at 4100 Green Road in Hampton or East Oshawa.                                                  

*Arrangements can be made outside of office hours.

We are happy to announce a big change at All Green Sod Growers Ltd! As of April 2018, our name is changing to All Green Sports. Our new name reflects our focus changing from sod growers to our sports field maintenance division. Consequently, we will no longer be harvesting and selling sod.

4100 Green Road
Hampton, Ontario L0B 1JO
Phone: (905) 263-2213 or (905) 725-9674
Fax: (905) 263-4604
Email: info@allgreensod.ca

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