ALL GREEN SOD GROWERS is a long standing company in the Durham Region, dating back to 1962. With almost 50 years of growing experience in the turf grass industry, our company has expanded to providing sports field services.


Upon request, All Green Sod Growers can:

  1. Inspect fields and make recommendations for turf grass maintenance programs such as topdressing, overseeding and aerating.
  2. Provide and apply custom fertilizer blends based on the requirements of specific locations and/or soil tests. Including addition of minerals such as magnesium and zinc.
  3. Provide custom seed blends specific to the needs of different sports fields, for example Sports Turf for non-irrigated sports fields.
  4. Complete formation including grading, stone raking, and finish leveling services.
  5. Drainage services including laser guidance.

Please contact our office for any additional information or questions regarding your site.

Phone: (905) 263-2213 or (905) 725-9674
Fax: (905) 263-4604

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