Fun Turfgrass Facts

Unusual, and not totally uninteresting

In a well maintained, thick 10,000 square foot lawn there will be:

  • 6 grass plants per inch
  • 850 grass plants per square foot
  • 8.5 million grass plants per average home
  • 622 kilometres of roots per grass plant
  • 4.8 billion kilometres of roots per average lawn (which equals 15 round trips between the sun and the earth)
  • Up to 90% of the weight of a grass plant is in its rootsGrass Plants are 75 – 80% water, by weight
  • Grass clippings are approximately 90% water, by weight
  • A 50 by 50 foot lawn releases enough oxygen for a family of four, while absorbing carbon dioxide, hydrogen floride, perosyacetyle nitrate.

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