Common Questions – Mushrooms

 I have been debating what to write about in our first ‘common questions’ entry, and have decided it is fitting to break the ice in the age old manner: to talk about the weather.  This spring has been inconsistent with both weeks that were hot and humid with thunderstorms, and then weeks that have been unseasonably cool with rain.   What has been constant is prolonged periods of wet ground, which is the perfect condition for mushroom growth.  Mushrooms love soil rich in humus and feed on organic matter that is decaying (especially old tree roots), and excessive thatch.  They don’t harm your lawn, and usually disappear once the moisture and/or humidity returns to normal.   If you really can’t stand them, a light fertilizing with nitrogen often helps, or regular lawn mowing.  If you want to find out if you can collect them for dinner – this is a great link for descriptions of common mushrooms.

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