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Welcome to the first posting on the All Green Sod Growers website.    To start, let me introduce us: All Green Sod Growers is a family business, my parents Case and Bep, myself – Carla the oldest daughter, and my siblings Rob and Lia.  We all grew up here on the farm at 4100 Green road and literally learned to walk on the sod fields.  Currently, Rob lives here with his family; look for his daughter Sam on our home page ‘running’ in the field.  My father, Case, has been in the field for 5 decades and my brother, Rob, for his entire life.  Although, he did take a few years off in the early nineties to get his Horticultural degree at the University of Guelph, studying under Turfgrass legend Jack Eggens.  As our name clearly demonstrates, we are primarily sod growers.  Nevertheless, we are often asked for solutions to a variety of other lawn care problems from homeowners and landscapers alike on a variety of turf issues.  Therefore, we will use this blog to share all of our expertise and seasonal tips with you.

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